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“My husband and children

Hi! We are the Morgan family! My husband started a business in January 2016 called Speedy Food Delivery Service. The mission is to operate a website in which people could order from an assortment of restaurants and have food delivered to their home or business. The man that my husband went into business with stopped the operations in my husbands area while continuing with his own operations. This effectively killed our money flow while putting a severe strain on our marriage. My husband and I have perservered through so much in our 8 years of marriage but this catastrophic blow to our finances had been our ultimate test. After two months of working in a minimum wage environment, losing our house, sending our two children to live with their grandparents, and almost losing our transportation, my husband has decided to restart what was stolen from him. I couldn’t be more proud of him! However, it will take more time to get his business back to the operating level that it was at when it was stolen.

We are trying to raise funds for the advertisement of Speedy Food and to help with our living expenses as well. My husband still works in the minimum wage environment while working on Speedy on his days off and his down time. He literally works seven days a week and has been doing so since January. Any monies raised will be used for the advertisement of Speedy, the expenses of Speedy, and help with our living expenses.”

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Thanks for any help you can offer this family.

Sincerely, JTroy Abell