Live on the edge

In 2013 Essanté Organics was voted TOP DIRECT SELLING COMPANIES IN THE WORLD by Business For Home. Yet the Essanté Organics story begins a few years earlier and it started with…
In 2009, Essanté Organics launched a special product line because of their passionate desire to help people in need; people who were demanding chemical free products, guaranteed not to harm consumers or the environment.
Did you know, while getting ready in the morning, each person on average, unknowingly applies over 120 toxins before 9am?
If you’re family is part of this average… the daily-use products you use do contain harmful toxins and carcinogens, that are proven to enter your skin, bloodstream and organs in seconds and they accumulate year after year. We were further shocked to discover a nasty, hidden truth: The skin care industry is self-regulated and can legally use unsafe ingredients to boost their profits, even if those same ingredients harm their customers. From pesticides to preservatives, Essanté Organics realized a global need: the need to step in and stop the madness. How is Essanté Organics and their team of Wellness Warriors doing it? By offering…
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